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About Rosanna

I fell in love with needle felting after receiving a kit as a present. I also had been saving low-processed wool from some chilled food deliveries, and had finally found a use for it! 

All items are handcrafted by me, Rosanna in Worthing, England and each piece of artwork is unique.

I love jewellery and have created a selection of jewellery which incorporate needle felting. I also make one of a kind dioramas, create watercolours and acrylic paintings.

I am particularly interested in nature and am inspired by the wonderful English countryside, as well as my ancestral country of Italy. I want to bring the colours and textures of nature to your lives, in beautiful art pieces and gifts for your loved ones. 

One thing that has guided me all my life is reducing waste, and lowering my consumption where possible. I make my needle felted creations upcycling undyed low-processed wool which would otherwise be thrown away. My jewellery is made using upcycled broken jewellery and leather offcuts from the leather industry which would otherwise be discarded. 

I am mainly self taught, and come from a family of artists and makers -  my grandmother created and sold oil paintings, my great-grandfather worked with the infamous Italian terrazzo and my grandfather was a keen sculptor. 

Please follow me on Instagram to keep up to date with my latest creations. 

Happy shopping!

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